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I don't want to be tolerated anymore,I want to be included,I want to be accepted

When Pierre Trudeau brought in the multicultural policy of TOLERANCE it was applauded and may be thats what was needed at the time.The demographics in Canada are way different today.Telling a large and growing number of immigrants ,that we will tolerate them is not cutting it anymore.Sehgal Viveka interviews film maker Roger Nair who came as an immigrant in the late eighties about the policy.

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Vancouver, B.C. – The first stop for the National Unemployment Clock is the TELUS Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Ottawa on Thursday, May 7, 2009, announced John Carpenter, Vice President of the Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU) today. The campaign, which is sponsored by the TWU, was developed to raise awareness across Canada about the dangers of allowing large international corporations—such as TELUS—to continue to offshore Canadian jobs. This practice is a strong contributor to the unemployment crisis this country is facing. 

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