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I don't want to be tolerated anymore,I want to be included,I want to be accepted
Date: Friday, June 19 2009
Topic: Canadian News

When Pierre Trudeau brought in the multicultural policy of TOLERANCE it was applauded and may be thats what was needed at the time.The demographics in Canada are way different today.Telling a large and growing number of immigrants ,that we will tolerate them is not cutting it anymore.Sehgal Viveka interviews film maker Roger Nair who came as an immigrant in the late eighties about the policy.

 We all go through a little discrimination here and there,but to have your Human rights violated just because you are a different color, cast or creed is not acceptable by any means anywhere in the world.It is very disturbing when it happens in Canada , a country known to be multicultural and "Civilized" .

Six Abbostsford, BC residents of the South Asian origin playing tennis in Langley were attacked and robbed while offenders shouted racial slurs directed at them.Police have arrested three young men and a woman.

While Condemning the actions by the four charged persons and applauding the police and concerned citizens who called the police after witnessing the assault "May be what everyone has to realize now that I don't want to be tolerated anymore, I want to be included,I want to be accepted." said Canadian Film maker Roger Nair of the Canadian multicultural policy. "Pierre Trudeau came out with the word Tolerance because may be thats what was needed at the time may be people had to tolerate other people who knows", says the filmmaker who immigrated from India to Canada in the late eighties ."But look around you today, the demographics in Canada has changed and the policy is  outdated" , adds Mr. Nair. 

Roger Nair is a film maker and a human rights activist who chairs SAHRA (South Asians for Human Rights Association), an association dedicated to promoting Human rights and speaking out against violations of them.

The multiculturalism policies in Canada were written based on tolerance and may be that was what was needed at the time and anyone who didn't look like the majority population had to be tolerated , but looking around us today, we live in a mosaic of cultures for the most part of Canada and thats what makes Her the Country Of Choice. A country that is built by immigrants for immigrants. It is important for us to educate ourselves about Human Rights , the rights that we have because We are Human , the rights that can not be taken away for any reason.

No incidents like this Langley incident or the immigrant beating in Australia or the bashings in UK are to be condemned by giving lip service.Stern action is needed and examples have to be made. May be its time to give teeth to Human rights , to give them force of law.

The very first human right states, WE ARE ALL BORN FREE AND EQUAL.

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