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Ontario Tory leader introduces Newcomers Employment Opportunities Act

 PC party of Ontario leader Hudak, who also serves as Ontario PC Citizenship and Immigration critic, was joined by representatives of SAHRA, Canadian–AlbanianCommunity Association, Padda Immigration Law and the San Lorenzo Latin American Community Centre for the introduction of the Bill. that helps newcomers better benefit in Ontario.

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Canadian MP Tim Uppal took off to Pakistan to see the plight of refugees first hand after SAHRA's initiative to highlight the atrocities of Taliban on minorities

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[Canadian Politics] NATO Hanging In The Balance
Contributed by Akaash on Saturday, January 26 at 04:16 (6,570 reads)
NATO Hanging in the Balance

The vast majority of NATO states are all too happy to cower under an umbrella of security held over their heads by the sacrifice of others.

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[Canadian Politics] Akaash Maharaj: Harper Is But Mad North North-West
Contributed by Akaash on Wednesday, December 19 at 02:00 (6,514 reads)
Akaash Maharaj: Harper is But Mad North North-West

Stephen Harper's penchant for manufactured outrage is more comprehensible in light of the ooze of AECL revelations.

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[Canadian Politics] A Sordid Campaign Of Character Assassination
Contributed by Akaash on Sunday, December 09 at 00:44 (5,206 reads)
A Sordid Campaign of Character Assassination

How can a party of such zealous political self-righteousness engage so fervently in so sordid a campaign of character assassination?

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[Canadian Politics] Behind The Veneer Of Politicians
Contributed by Subsandwich on Wednesday, October 18 at 02:26 (3,796 reads)
When you look at our current political leaders how do you see them, really?
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[Canadian Politics] Interview With Jack Layton
Contributed by JJ on Wednesday, October 11 at 01:44 (8,587 reads)
Interview with Jack Layton
Great interview of the leader of the NDP by JJ from Filibuster Cartoons.
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