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[Satire & Humour] Memory Troubles
Contributed by Subsandwich on Saturday, November 18 at 01:50 (6,668 reads)
Memory troubles
The trouble with memory is that memory is the trouble.  Do you find yourself forgetting things?
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[Satire & Humour] Remote Control Fanatics
Contributed by Subsandwich on Sunday, November 05 at 04:21 (7,521 reads)
Remote Control Fanatics
What's with the remote!
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[Satire & Humour] Lord Conrad Black Dressed Down
Contributed by JimW on Thursday, August 03 at 18:47 (8,927 reads)
Lord Conrad Black Dressed Down
Lord Conrad Black the Disgraced Canadian-Born Miilionaire Mogul, House of Lords Members and Former Press Baron Accused of Looting Millions From His Own Company Faced a Ferocious New Judge in His American Court Appearance
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