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Jaime Koeppe Interview

Its been said that you should never judge a book by its cover. Especially when that cover is deceivingly attractive. Take Jaime Koeppe for example.

This well-toned and trim brunette is a self-employed web designer, model and actress. And if she had to give it all up, there's a chance she might even consider a career as a brain surgeon (or a dental hygienist, esthetician, math professor, fitness trainer or any number of other aspiring careers). And if you wonder where she finds the time to do so much, listen carefully because things get even better.

In the last 10 years, Jaime has kept herself active in numerous ways. She's competed in the Vancouver International Marathon, the University of Victoria Duathalon, the WNSO Fitness Competition and numerous swimsuit and fitness competitions. Even in her early teens, Jaime loved being active whether that meant aerobics, rollerblading, weightlifting, or running.

And a few years back when Jaime felt she was getting too big, she took six months off from weight training and took up kickboxing to bring her weight down. She's accomplished quite a bit already, and is still in her early twenties. For those who think that a woman can't be smart and attractive, think again. Jaime is the poster girl for Beauty, Brains and Brawn... and Booty.

After facing some tough moments in previous competitions, this past July, Jaime became Miss Molson Indy Canada. She is currently turning heads while featured as Miss October in the new 2004 Girls Of Vancouver Calendar. [Please note: October 13th is Jaime's birthday, so irregardless of when you read this, send this lovely lady a nice e-mail wishing her a happy belated birthday or at least send her a nice gift. Also note you can learn more about the availability of the calendar by visiting]

Talking about birthdays, Jaime recently had the opportunity to spend her birthday in Australia. After a 4 week stay in the Land Down Under, Jaime has returned home, and has granted correspondent John Jinks the opportunity to discuss all that's been going on and perhaps get a little insight inside the mind of Jaime Koeppe.


JJ: I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity, as well as welcome you back home Jaime. I understand you were attending the various events and functions that were related to the Honda Indy 300. But a month seems like a fairly long time to be away from home. Why such a long trip?

JK: I decided I needed a holiday and some time to myself. The 2 months leading up to the Bartercard Miss Molson Indy Canada competition was a lot of work and I just needed a break.

JJ: I certainly would not want to come off as an idiot for pointing out the obvious. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that you are a very attractive young woman. I don't think anyone would argue that point. And I don't think many people would argue if you were to tell them that you felt your best physical attribute was your booty. However as some of us are not that well-versed in the fine art of slang vernacular, I have to ask you something. What exactly is a table booty?

JK: Table booty means that my booty is like a shelf or a table, it sticks out...I could balance a glass on it. Get it?

JJ: You obviously keep yourself in tip-top shapes, and I've read in some previous interviews that you felt like training was second nature to you. Are there still mornings where you get up and dread the idea of going to the gym?

JK: If I don't feel like going, I don't go. I wouldn't go there and waste my time...when I work out, it's intense. I don't dread it, it's a part of my life but it doesn't control my life.

JJ: Over the last couple years you have competed in both swimwear and fitness competitions. In July, you were crowned Miss Molson Indy Canada. This past August at the FitMatrix Physique Competition in Vancouver, at one point during the competition, you reportedly came out wielding numbchucks, and daring drunk men from the crowd to take you on. Obviously this has been a very good year for you. How would you compare these more recent events to your first competition (the World Natural Sports Diversified Naturals Fitness Model Search in April of 2001)?

JK: I have come a long way. After my first competition in April 2001, I said to myself that I would never compete again. I was a beginner and I felt like an idiot on stage. But if I didn't take that chance in April, I probably wouldn't be Miss Molson Indy Canada today. I have gained confidence and self esteem. Don't get me wrong, I still get butterflies every time I step on a stage whether to compete, present or be interviewed but I love it. I feel more comfortable giving the audience what I think they came to see.

JJ: Currently, you run your own business. And because of that, a number of avenues are open to you. You are involved in web design and development, modeling and acting, and you have to be commended on doing extremely well in all three areas. However, as often as I think about it, I am in awe of the fact that you had considered a career as a brain surgeon. Should your fans and admirers worry about the fact that you may toss your bikinis aside, in favour of brain surgery?

JK: I hope to be in great shape for the rest of my life but I know I will have to challenge myself with another venture one day. I am looking into TV broadcast, sports to be exact...I am in the process of making up packages to send out to TV stations. I'm also going to try my luck at music...MTV or Much Music...I could see myself as a VJ!!

JJ: I can understand being frugal and feeling guilty about purchasing some items. However, everyone needs to spoil themselves now and then. If a fan sent you a gift certificate to your favorite store or a friend was going to take you on a shopping spree and you were told to buy whatever you want, what would you get for yourself? And would you still feel guilty?
JK: I love lingerie and shoes!! I'm starting to not feel too guilty anymore...but I still get buyers remorse!!

JJ: What is more important to you in a guy; physique or sense of humour?

JK: Sense of humour!!! But I do need someone who is as adventurous as me and who will go do everything with me!

JJ: Coronas or red wine? If you could only have one, which would you prefer?

JK: I NEED both in my life....Red Wine and Coronas....seriously!!

JJ: What does Stanley think of your career?

JK: Stanley is my 2 year old little doggie...he misses me. But he always gives me love whenever I see him. I taught him to give kisses, he kisses everyone! He has to live with my mom and dad because I have been busy with breaks my heart. One day I hope I can settle down and raise a dog and a day.

JJ: For those who don't know you personally, what one thing about yourself do you think would surprise most people?

JK: I am a car freak....I love nice cars, I design websites for cars. I also keep a journal, I am addicted to cosmetics and buying makeup (that I don't even use), I love food (everything, I'm so not picky when it comes to food), I am a neat freak, I love Hip Hop music, I love Justin Timberlake...umm, I could go on...but I won't.

JJ: Once again, I would like to thank Jaime for allowing us the opportunity to get to know her a bit better, and if you like to find out more about Jaime, you should visit her website at

JK: Thank you so much!!

Images used by permission from Jaime Koeppe copyright © 2002

Published on: 2004-08-05 (48955 reads)

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