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The American Flag on the 2 or 10 dollar bill

Many people seem to think that either the two dollar or ten dollar bills made in the 1989 "Bird" Series has the American Flag in it.

The two dollar bill is simply the Canadian flag, and is a false alarm. But, if you have a copy of the ten dollar bill and look very closely at the flag over the Parlimant Buildings you will see a patch in the upper left hand side, and this, combined with the pattern on the rest of the flag, looks like the American flag.

The flag is, in fact, the Canadian Ensign, the patch in the upper left is the Union Jack, and the stripe effect is caused by shading and scaling. If you look carefully, you can see a crest in the bottom right of the flag.

Origins of Basketball

There has been a long running debate as to the invention of basketball. Many Canadian websites and Canadian heritage TV spots claim that basketball is a Canadian invention. Meanwhile, there's no shortage of claims that basketball is an all-American sport. As it turns out, both sides are wrong.

Basketball was created by James Naismith, a Canadian, while working in Springfield, Massachusetts. And while the first game took place in the United States, no less than 10 of the players of the first basketball game where from Quebec. It seems that basketball was part of both countries heritage.

Origins of the Telephone

A common myth, especially among Canadians, is that the telephone was invented in Canada. Again, this is only half true. Alexander Graham Bell was an educated Scotsman, who moved to Canada with his family. He later immigrated to the United States. Much of his work was done in both Canada and the United States. However, the idea of the telephone was "conceived" by him when visiting his father in Brampton, Ontario. The actual development of the first telephone was carried out in the United States.

Another myth is that the first telephone call was to Canada, which seems to be untrue.

Canada does not have winter for 11 months out of the year. Yes it is true that the weather in Canada is cold - sometimes REALLY COLD! (Coldest Temperature ever recorded in Canada was in the Yukon at -63 degrees C) However in many/most places Canadians enjoys 4 seasons and hot summers. In Southern Ontario the temperature in July often goes above 30 degrees C as with elsewhere in the country.

Canadians enjoy modern technology in their lives. We have TV's, radios, refrigerators, computers etc. (You would be surprised to find out how many people who didn't know we had those things.) We don't live in igloos (Snow houses) and the VAST MAJORITY of us do not use dog sleds - in fact most Canadians have not used a dog sled.

Canadians do not speak "Canadian". The two official languages are English and French. Many Canadians can speak both and other languages. However aside from a few pronunciations (ie: Americans say "Z" as "zee" and Canadians say it as "Zed"), and spelling (Americans "color", Canadians "colour") the English between the two countries are identical.

Some Canadians say "eh" a lot. Yes that is a given. Sometimes I say it myself. However I don't see what the big deal here is. I know a lot of Americans that say "y'all" with everything. Not every Canadian says "eh" either.

We are not a nation of "draft dodgers". Canada was one of the first countries to declare war in WWI, WWII etc. We even fought in the Gulf War along side many other countries. We are renowned the world for our peace-keeping forces. It just happens that we have a small army. Yes there were many people who came to Canada during Vietnam to avoid the draft but that was their personal choice - not ours.

Most Canadian Citizens are not Mounties. Yes we have the RCMP - but our police officers do not ride around like a pack of Dudley-Do-Rights in Red coats with ponies. This is just like the same way that American Sheriffs do not ride around like cowboys on horses. RCMP officers are hard working individuals who in some places are the police force. The only time that they perform the Musical Ride is for special occasions. (You can see them on Parliament Hill on Canada Day.)

Canada is not a state or a part of the United States. Many people in Europe or elsewhere think that we are Americans. I can see why many people would think that we are Americans as from afar we are similar. However, while Canada does have many ties to the United States, we are a separate country.

Canadians are not subjects. While Canada does acknowledge the Queen, (represented by the Governor General) and under law we need "royal assent' for our bills to become law - Canada is it's own country. We are a "Constitutional Monarchy" - that is we have our own constitution and we acknowledge the Queen as a figurehead - but that's where it ends. Canada makes it's own laws and it is in no way dependant on Britain for laws or governing the country.

Toronto is not the capital of Canada. Ottawa is the Capital. Toronto is however Canada's largest city and the Capital of the Province of Ontario.

DONOVAN BAILEY WAS THE FASTEST MAN IN THE WORLD. Okay, things have changed a little...well some American now holds the title...I can accept this...but let's face it, he WAS the fastest man in the world before June 1999. That obviously counts for something. I am gladly acknowledging that another country beat us fair and square. This is what was here earlier:

I don't understand why the Americans can't accept this. We have proved that twice now. The world has always acknowledged the winner of the 100 m dash in the Olympics to be the fastest man in the world. End of story. We'll gladly acknowledge it when any other country beats us fair and square.

Not all Canadians talk slow. I have no idea how this one started. People tell me that I speak to quickly. Go figure.

Published on: 2009-06-06 (13240 reads)

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