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[Satire & Humour] Memory Troubles
Contributed by Subsandwich on Saturday, November 18 at 01:50 (6,057 reads)
Memory troubles
The trouble with memory is that memory is the trouble.  Do you find yourself forgetting things?
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[Military] A Case For Remembrance Day
Contributed by Subsandwich on Friday, November 10 at 14:05 (4,326 reads)
A Case for Remembrance Day
Some of you might be thinking itís high time someone puts this day to rest once and for all - why should any Canadian care.
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[Military] My Flag, My Anthem
Contributed by Subsandwich on Tuesday, November 07 at 15:52 (3,537 reads)
My Flag, My Anthem
We found this piece after my father died three years ago.  He was a veteran from WWII
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[Satire & Humour] Remote Control Fanatics
Contributed by Subsandwich on Sunday, November 05 at 04:21 (6,850 reads)
Remote Control Fanatics
What's with the remote!
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[Health Care and Social Policy] Peeling Turnips For Homecare
Contributed by Subsandwich on Sunday, November 05 at 00:37 (3,670 reads)
Peeling Turnips for Homecare
A healthcare story.
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[Military] Blessed Are The Peacemakers
Contributed by Subsandwich on Wednesday, October 18 at 02:36 (3,530 reads)
Blessed are the Peacemakers
Do you think our soldiers work as Peacekeepers in Afghanistan or must they be working as "Peacekeepers" in order to fall under this category of Canadian Military?
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[Canadian Politics] Behind The Veneer Of Politicians
Contributed by Subsandwich on Wednesday, October 18 at 02:26 (3,169 reads)
When you look at our current political leaders how do you see them, really?
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[Canadian Politics] Interview With Jack Layton
Contributed by JJ on Wednesday, October 11 at 01:44 (7,835 reads)
Interview with Jack Layton
Great interview of the leader of the NDP by JJ from Filibuster Cartoons.
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[Sports] Fantasy Hockey For The 'New' NHL Part II
Contributed by canucker on Sunday, October 01 at 14:25 (6,534 reads)
Fantasy Hockey for the 'New' NHL  Part II

 Part II of my two part series on fantasy hockey and the "new" NHL.  Here we’ll complete our list, starting with key insights on the offensive upside of the penalty kill.

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[Sports] Fantasy Hockey For The 'New' NHL
Contributed by canucker on Friday, September 15 at 00:11 (4,388 reads)
Fantasy Hockey for the 'New' NHL
NHL returned in 2005/06 weighed down by a many questions. Here are my conclusions to these questions from last season in order to assist you with your fantasy hockey.
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[Canadian Spotlight] Native Stand-Offs A Failure Of Common Sense?
Contributed by Motorcycleboy on Tuesday, August 29 at 23:40 (5,985 reads)
Native Stand-Offs A Failure of Common Sense?
Masked, camoflauge-wearing men attack police with baseball bats and pipes. An explosion and fire rips through a Hydroelectric transformer near the battleground, plunging over 50 000 people into darkness. One could be forgiven for thinking this is a scene out of Beirut or Bagdahd. But itís not.
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[Satire & Humour] Lord Conrad Black Dressed Down
Contributed by JimW on Thursday, August 03 at 18:47 (8,308 reads)
Lord Conrad Black Dressed Down
Lord Conrad Black the Disgraced Canadian-Born Miilionaire Mogul, House of Lords Members and Former Press Baron Accused of Looting Millions From His Own Company Faced a Ferocious New Judge in His American Court Appearance
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[Military] A New Defence Policy For Canada In The 21st Century
Contributed by bootlegga on Tuesday, July 25 at 16:14 (10,614 reads)
A new Defence Policy for Canada in the 21st Century
A look into the state of the Canadian Armed Forces and what they need to do their duty for Canada and its citizens.
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