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Blessed are the Peacemakers
Date: Wednesday, October 18 2006
Topic: Military, Security, and Defence

Do you think our soldiers work as Peacekeepers in Afghanistan or must they be working as "Peacekeepers" in order to fall under this category of Canadian Military?

By Suzanne Berton © 10-Aug-06

 There’s a lot to be said for people who stand up for peace during times of war.  We must give credit to such people even if their struggles fall on warmongers’ deaf ears.  Blessed are the Peacemakers – Blessed are our Canadian Peacekeepers.

 Still, I feel we must thank the soldiers who go out to fight wars also; I’m sure none of them wanted to see the day they’d do combat.  If you pause for a minute, people who stand for war want war, often bullying citizens to gain control for their own sick reasons.  Hoping for peace is a great thing, but with some people attaining peace is a dead end road.  These destructive forces will continue to hurt innocents despite our chants of “Give Peace a Chance.”

 As a Canadian woman, I want to know that our men are standing up for peace through peacekeeping missions, but I expect our troops to defend us against the bullies of war.   While it hurts to hear soldiers have died for Canada, I know they’ve not died in vain.  They stood by their country fighting in the name of peace to all.  

Blessed are our Canadian troops.


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