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Star Wars Attack Of The Clones

Posted on Friday, May 17 at 18:07 by canadaka

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Finally the new star wars is here the movie simply rocked! After being somewhat disappointed after the phantom menace, my expectations were high. And they were met and surpassed. The special effects were incredible; the story in depth, and the acting was surprisingly good. a lot of the acting in episode I was very corny, I though it was 100x better this time around. One of the things that make this a great movie is the atmosphere; no other movie can create it like star wars can. Light Sabers in the theater crowd, employee's dressed as Jedi, entertaining the crowd with trivia, a roar or applause when the "a long time ago, in a galaxy far away" hits the screen, and a applause of satisfaction at the end of the movie. i have never witnessed another movie that can do what star wars can do. To celebrate the new star wars i have put up a Star Wars AOTC wallpaper gallery, HERE
Star Wars Attack of the Clones

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