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Clarkson Visits Cdn. Forces In Persian Gulf

Posted on Wednesday, December 25 at 11:06 by Natooke

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Clarkson also delivered a football signed by members of the Montreal Alouettes, who won the Grey Cup in November.

"I hope I've been able to bring them the message that they are appreciated," said Clarkson. "That feeling is important for them."

"These people are doing something that needs to be appreciated."

The Montreal and HMCS Winnipeg are deployed in the region as part of Canada's commitment to Operation Apollo.

She will hand out medals and promotions to personnel aboard The Montreal on Wednesday before being whisked to The Winnipeg by a military helicopter for a similar ceremony.

The Southwest Asia Service Medal is being awarded to members of the forces involved in Operation Apollo for more than 90 days.

"As commander-in-chief, I find it very meaningful to decorate and promote people in the field," Clarkson said.

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