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U.S. Mag Calls Us Wimps

Posted on Sunday, November 10 at 05:59 by RoyalHighlander

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In its lead story, Bomb Canada: The Case for War, the right-wing magazine makes a tongue-in-cheek argument that "it's quite possible the greatest favour the United States could do for Canada is to declare war on it."

The United States should perpetrate one of the most brazen sneak attacks in military history, says the article, because Canada is hopelessly weak-kneed and introverted, worse than useless as a military ally and desperately in need of "a little invasion."

The article's author, Jonah Goldberg, says he was joking. Sort of.

"Do I think in all honesty that we should be bombing Canada? No," he said. "There is certainly sarcasm in it, but what I was trying to do is make a larger point."

Canada is not living up to its obligations in defence, peacekeeping and the war on terrorism, said Goldberg.

"And yet you have this notion that somehow you're in a position to be lecturing the United States. You can't just be in the peanut gallery shooting spitballs."


Nov. 25 issue of National Review
Bomb Canada
By Jonah Goldberg
Canada is, quite simply, not a serious country anymore. It has internalized the assumptions of U.N.-ology: not just anti-Americanism but also the belief that Western nations don't need military might. As a consequence, they are simply unarmed. If al-Qaeda launched a September 11-style attack from Canadian soil, we would have only two choices: ask Canada to take charge, or take charge ourselves. The predictable — and necessary — U.S. action would spark outrage. We certainly don't need the burden of turning "the world's longest undefended border" into one of the world's longest defended ones. And that's why a little invasion is precisely what Canada needs. In the past, Canada has responded to real threats with courage and conviction (some say more Canadians went south to enlist for war in Vietnam than Americans went north to dodge it). If the U.S. were to launch a quick raid, blow up some symbolic but unoccupied structure — Toronto's CN Tower, or an empty hockey stadium — Canada would rearm overnight.

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