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30,000-10,000 B.C.- Natives immigrated to N.A.
10,000B.C.- Natives spread over Canada's 4,000,000 square miles
500 - Natives have developed extensive social and economic trade links
986- Herjolfsson sights Labrador
992- Leif Ericsson explores Newfoundland
1003- Karsefni started a colony to trade with "skraelings"
1492- Colombus rediscovers America
1497- Cabot sights Newfoundland
1534- Cartier discovers St. Lawrence
1603- Champlain explores the Great Lakes
1632- Champlain appointed first governor of Canada
1644- Wheat first sown in Canada
1649- Final defeat of Hurons by the Iroquios
1697- Treaty of Ryswick(N.A. given to French)
1713- Treaty of Utrecht(N.A. given to English)
1743- La Verendrye brothers find the Rockies
1748- Treaty of Aix-la-Chappelle(French gain back territory)
1755- Expulsion of the Acadians
1758- Fall of Louisbourg(The French Superfortress)
1759- Battle of Plains of Abraham
1760- Fall of Montreal
1763- Treaty of Paris(Canada given to England)
1763- Royal Proclamation
1774- Quebec Act
1783- Influx of Loyalists to Canada
1791- Constitution Act(Upper and Lower Canada)
1812- War between Canada and U.S.
1821- Hudson Bay and Northwest Company join
1838- Rebellions start in Upper and Lower Canada
1839- Durham Report
1841- Act of Union(Canada East and West)
1858- Ottawa chosen as capital
1867- Confederation
1870- Manitoba joins Canada
1871- Washington Treaty(Canada-U.S. relations)
1871- B.C. joins Canada
1873- P.E.I. joins Canada
1873- Formation of the North West Mounted Police
1885- Riel Rebellion
1885- C.P.R. completed at Craigellachie
1890- Manitoba Schools Question
1897- Imperial Preference
1897- Colonial Conference(To strengthen the Empire)
1898- Alaskan Boundary Dispute(U.S. given Alaskan Panhandle)
1899- Start of Boer War(Canada offers transport for troops)
1905- Alberta and Saskatchewan join Canada
1910- Naval Issue(Laurier builds a Canadian Navy)
1914- Start of WWI.(Canada automatically at war)
1915- Battle of Ypres
1917- Battle of Vimy Ridge
1917- Conscription Crisis
1917- Suffragette Movement
1918- War is over(Treaty of Paris)
1919- Winnipeg General Strike
1920- Canada joins League of Nations
1922- Chanak Affair
1930's- Great Depression
1933- Creation of the C.C.F.
1939- Start of WWII.
1942- Dieppe
1945- War ends
1945- Canada joins U.N.
1947- Supreme court created
1949- Newfoundland joins Canada
1949- Canada joins N.A.T.O.
1950- Start of Korean War
1959- St. Lawrence Seaway opened
1960- Native Canadians given the right to vote
1965- Maple Leaf becomes Canada's flag
1968- Integration of the Armed Forces
1970- F.L.Q. Crisis
1976- Olympic Games in Montreal
1982- Patriation of the Constitution
1987- Meech Lake Accord
1988- Winter Olympics in Calgary
1992- Charlottetown Accord
1993- Canadian Relief Effort in Somalia
1995- Quebec Referendum
1999- Canadian Forces in Kosavo

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