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[Canadian Politics] A Sordid Campaign Of Character Assassination
Contributed by Akaash on Sunday, December 09 at 00:44 (4,567 reads)
A Sordid Campaign of Character Assassination

How can a party of such zealous political self-righteousness engage so fervently in so sordid a campaign of character assassination?

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[Environment] Letter From A Grey-Beard Loon
Contributed by Akaash on Friday, December 07 at 16:48 (3,599 reads)
Letter from a Grey-Beard Loon

DeSmogBlog launched its 100 Year Letter Project, inviting contributors to compose letters to our great great grandchildren on global warming.

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[Canadian Facts] Everybody Loves Us
Contributed by Canadaka on Sunday, December 02 at 22:44 (4,413 reads)

Maclean's annual How the World Sees Canada poll shows deep admiration for a country we don't seem to like so much ourselves. What gives?

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[Consumer Reports] Whirlpool Parts
Contributed by Canadaka on Tuesday, November 06 at 23:30 (34,061 reads)
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[Military] The Red Poppy
Contributed by Hyack on Wednesday, October 24 at 20:07 (7,338 reads)
The Red Poppy
The origin of the red poppy as the symbol of Remembrance Day
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[Military] Military To Get New Anti-Explosives Vehicles This Fall
Contributed by Hyack on Sunday, September 30 at 18:23 (7,981 reads)
Military to get new anti-explosives vehicles this fall
The Canadian military should see the arrival this fall of a new system of vehicles for detecting and clearing improvised explosive devices.
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[Military] Canada's New CC-177 Globemaster III
Contributed by Hyack on Sunday, September 30 at 18:22 (12,147 reads)
Canada's new CC-177 Globemaster III

Canada took possession of the first of four CC-177 Globemaster III aircraft on August 9, 2007.

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[Military] Canada’S New Main Battle Tank - Leopard 2
Contributed by Hyack on Tuesday, September 25 at 22:58 (16,636 reads)
Canada’s new main battle tank - Leopard 2
The current Leopard 1 C2 has served Canada very well, but at almost 30 years old it is reaching the end of its useful life
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[Opinion] Our Viewpoints Of The World Around Us
Contributed by QBC on Wednesday, September 05 at 01:11 (2,765 reads)
I start this for only one reason, confusion. A confusion that I believe all people around the world should feel and indeed see. A confusion of our times and events within our time.
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[Opinion] Are We Loosing More Than We’Re Gaining?
Contributed by QBC on Saturday, August 18 at 21:15 (3,509 reads)
Are we loosing more than we’re gaining?
Are we loosing more than we’re gaining in this modern world?
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my view on the alberta advantage. my experiences living and working among and with men in trades.
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Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group of Companies, and Ontario Environment Minister Laurel Broten, appeared in Toronto this morning to announce the launch of FLICK OFF - a cross-country initiative designed to educate Canadians about the devastating effects of global warming and motivate people to do something about it.
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[Health Care and Social Policy] Homeless
Contributed by davidinedmonton on Tuesday, May 08 at 20:26 (3,729 reads)
This is my interpretation of the challenges of daily living and maybe a little insight of whats to come.
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[Health Care and Social Policy] It's Mammogram Time!
Contributed by Subsandwich on Sunday, December 10 at 14:22 (6,528 reads)
It's Mammogram time!
So you are concerned about getting your first mammogram.  This is my experience.
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[Sports] Pronger To Face Oil Fans' Wrath
Contributed by Patrick_Ross on Saturday, November 25 at 00:29 (6,297 reads)
Pronger to Face Oil Fans' Wrath
Chris Pronger is set to return to Edmonton, but is he -- or the Oilers faithful -- ready for it?
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