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Kyoto Carnival Heating Up

Posted on Saturday, September 14 at 23:23 by wolfmann

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The province's deep thinkers say it could add up to an average $5,000 loss in the real annual income of Albertans.

"Don't slay the messenger. This is his number, not mine. And $3 billion is no drop in the bucket," says Ralph yesterday, calling on Chretien to do more than pick a number out of the air. "We're talking 15 percent, that's a $3 billion annual loss. I know $3 billion is hard to relate to, but that is a lot of money, 15 percent is a big number considering what the industry contributes to this economy, it is a huge chunk of change not to be taken lightly."

"But is it 15 percent? We don't know, neither does the prime minister. It could be 15 percent, it could five percent or 50 percent. Nobody knows."

The premier says one thing is certain. Kyoto will hurt us badly, especially since the U.S. is not signing on to the deal and Third World countries are exempt from the accord.

"Why would companies invest billions here when they can go to another country with no obligations to achieve any targets under Kyoto?" asks the riled-up Ralph.

The premier does smile for a moment, when he reveals the Ontario government under Premier Ernie Eves will soon stand against the confusion of Kyoto.

"I'm getting signals Ernie Eves is on-side. We have some signs and indications. We expect something definitive soon. Premier Eves has been up to his eyeballs in other issues. It appears now he's starting to understand the potential implications of Kyoto and will come on board with Alberta.

"He realizes this could have very serious economic consequences for Ontario, being they are the largest consumer of fossil fuels."

Yesterday, Alberta also got an added boost from New Brunswick Premier Bernard Lord, who chides Ottawa for its "ambiguous position," maintaining the country will be economically damaged if we go it alone on Kyoto without the U.S.

Only Quebec and Manitoba, both big hydro producers, now back Kyoto, and they stand to benefit from its approval.

Ralph shakes his head further as he documents the clueless Chretien's collapsing position, saying the PM wants to ultimately OK Kyoto because he believes it would be "nice."

Not only does the PM admit he has no real plan on how to cut greenhouse gas emissions but our fearless leader isn't even sure what Kyoto involves.

When Chretien talks to Ralph, the prime minister starts speaking of the need to deal with acid rain and pollutants.

"These are matters of pollution, putting dirty stuff in our rivers and emitting dirty rotten stuff in our air, stuff you can feel in your lungs and see the effects in your body," says Ralph.

"Pollution has nothing to do with Kyoto. With Kyoto we're talking about what we can't see, what we can't feel. It's something we exhale each and every day of our lives. It's called carbon dioxide and it has everything to do with the alleged phenomenon apparently contributing to global warming."

Kyoto isn't about cutting down on smog, Jean.

When Ralph mentions this fact to Chretien, the prime minister is not fazed in the least. Apparently, the PM responds: "The Canadian people don't distinguish."

Ralph's reply to all this?

"I know there's a lot of hocus pocus. But I really don't know what his political agenda is and I don't think the prime minister knows."

And just when we think it can't get any worse.


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