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PM's Low Blow

Posted on Friday, September 13 at 16:23 by wolfmann

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As for America's "arrogance" and "humiliation" of others, that's also a lib-left myth. When natural disasters strike anywhere in the world, invariably it is America that responds first. No country gives more aid to the world's poor, no nation is more resented because of its generosity.

That Chretien resents America and President Bush may well be because they make him look weak and petty.

Chretien can't inspire others, except those who depend on him for favours. He has disarmed Canada, made us utterly dependent on America for security, and resents it.

Increasingly, Canadians want Chretien gone. The longer he sticks around, the greater the likelihood that the Liberal party will suffer. Chretien has become a national embarrassment.

Americans and Canadians should be equally upset at his boorishness.

No prime minister in our history would have been so crass as to snipe at America the way Chretien has on such a poignant date in its history. It will encourage many Americans to resent Canada and wonder what warrants such hatred from a Canadian PM.


When they were prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, Lester B. Pearson and John Diefenbaker had serious differences with the U.S., but never would they have been so crude or ignorant. As for Canadians, a certain type will applaud Chretien's abuse. Most will be mortified and embarrassed. President Bush and American statesmen will be courteous -- but furious. More than unfair, it is so wrong.

One Canadian, Carmen Gallo, has launched a Web site, that urges two giant flagpoles the height of the demolished twin towers on New York's "Ground Zero" site as a memorial. Not a bad idea. Look at the site and register your views.

Chretien too, if he dare. Chretien has made me even more pro-American; I wonder how many others feel this way?

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