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Getting Nacked For Star Wars

Posted on Sunday, August 08 at 22:49 by Phillip

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Interesting article about the National Missile Defence, which is firing up the relations between the neighbour of Canada and Canada.

"In the strip-tease game Ottawa is playing with Washington over whether we'll join its National Missile Defence (NMD), we don't have a lot of clothes left to shed."

"Washington's capacity to inflict pain and enforce compliance on Canada is boundless," Granatstein wrote in a 2002 paper for the C.D. Howe Institute. "Canadian policy must be devoted to keeping the elephant fed and happy."

He dismisses opposition as "irrational, emotional anti-Americanism" and scoffs at the way "Canadian parliamentarians and media talk as if the nation still matters in the world." And he is downright contemptuous of "our pretensions" and "high-falutin' morality," noting "morality would only anger the Bush administration."

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