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Canada Ranked 3rd

Posted on Wednesday, July 24 at 18:00 by canadaka

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Ok Canada was just recently Ranked 3rd on the United Nations' list of the world's most desirable countries in which to live. For almost a decade Canada has been in the Top spot but recently Has slipped to 3rd, Norway and swedan being ahead now. While 3rd in the entire WORLD! is still KICK ASS. what has happened I wonder to reflect this change? The economy? September 11? There probably major factors. Whether we like it or not, we are so closely tied with the US if something is hurting there, like the economy, computer crash. its most likely going to here.

So let hear some peoples thoughs on why Canada might have slipped to 3rd on the index, and what we can do to get back on top! Either way! CANADA still KICKS ASS!

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