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Force Heads To Haiti For 90-Day Mission

Posted on Thursday, March 18 at 00:17 by polemarch1

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Pratt told reporters that although the current military commitment is only for three months, Canada's involvement in restoring peace and stability in Haiti could take more time.
"I think there's a recognition that Haiti is a longer-term project in terms of the government of Canada as a whole," he said.
"The military contribution we're looking at, certainly at this point, is three months in keeping with the mandate of the UN security council resolution for this mission. But as a follow on, there is a strong possibility of a police presence as well as further efforts by CIDA on the development side and on governance and national building."
Families stood close together and children cried as the soldiers, members of the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment, said their goodbyes.
Lt.-Col. Jim Davis, commander of the company in Haiti, said it will be a tough assignment given the heat, humidity and unpredictability of the situation.
"It's not going to be Club Med down there," Davis said.
The soldiers are a main component of a total contingent of about 450 military personnel that Canada has committed to a multinational effort to stabilize Haiti following a rebel uprising that forced President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to flee the country.
Advance groups of Canadian soldiers are already in the Caribbean country setting up camps and establishing security.

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