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Avril's Looks Make Her A Hit !

Posted on Thursday, June 12 at 13:11 by rugbyboi

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BETTER than Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Christine Aguilera and Shania Twain...that's how British pop fans see Napanee's own Avril Lavigne who came fourth - ahead of the aforementioned stars - in a UK poll by TV channel VH1 of pop's Most Attractive stars. Avril followed hot on the heels of Kylie Minogue (1st), Britney Spears and Robbie Williams...pipping Mariah Carey (5th), Jennifer Lopez (7th) and Madonna (10th) in the Top 30 Stars poll. Lee Ann Rimes was 11th, Justin Timberlake 14th, Aguilera came 19th and Shania rocked in 27th in the poll, with British artists mainly filling the gaps. Multi-Grammy winner Norah Jones was unplaced. A spokesman for VH1 in London attributed Avril's high ranking to her natural good looks, clean-living lifestyle, buoyant character, musical talent and her "attainability" - the fact that teenagers can go out and buy the clothes she wears off-the-peg without having to spend a fortune. Indeed, UK fashion chain Claire has now brought out an accessories range featuring school-style ties, bangles and bracelets called Rock Chick...

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