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Victoria Cross Winner Just Did His Job

Posted on Thursday, May 15 at 02:30 by RoyalHighlander

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"To remember the valour and gallantry of all holders – living and departed – of the Victoria Cross and George Cross, I ask you to receive this memorial into the custody of the dean and chapter, and invite you to dedicate it," the Queen said at Westminster Abbey.

Ernest Smith

Smith earned the decoration in northern Italy in 1944.
A private with the Seaforth Highlanders, he almost singlehandedly held off 30 German soldiers and three tanks.
"I was scared like hell," Smith said, recalling that life-or-death situation.
"Can't do anything about it; you just do your job and that's it."
Winning the cross changed his life, Smith said. As a hero, one has to watch one's words.
He doesn't use the "hero" word to describe himself.
"I don't consider myself a hero. That's what they asked me to do. The people I consider heroes are all dead. They got killed. They're buried. It's not me."

Written by CBC News Online staff

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