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Posted on Friday, February 28 at 08:10 by gangrenous

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Now that we are fighting terrorists after having been attacked we are beginning to see who our friends are. What you need to realize is that we have a long memory. France is already on the black list, we don't need them, we certainly will reduce our travel to Paris and in general we will consider them with the same feelings as we do when gum happens to be on the bottom of our shoes!
I expect more from Canadians but I have yet to see a reason why. Maybe all of you don't care that we are growing tired of the American bashing. We support you, in fact we practically put you on our shoulders and what appreciation do we receive?
Who would come running if you were attacked? Who would be the recipient of your very first phone call if you suffered a catastrophic terrorist attack? I'm quite sure we would come to your aid in any way we could to offer assistance.
There was a point in time when I would have defended your country with my life. Now, I think I would prefer to sit back and watch you handle it yourself.
Thanks for nothing Canada. Just when we need a few friends to say a few nice words about us, we only hear you spouting negatives. I'll cancel my vacation to visit friends in Canada this spring. They understand our frustration.
Tom Flaker
St. Louis, MO

R E S P O N S E :
I would like to respond to Mr. Flaker's comments about Canadian attitudes toward Americans.
Mr. Flaker, you only see one side of the story. Who came to the rescue of thousands of displaced Americans on September 11, when airspace was closed over the U.S.? Answer: The Canadians. Who, despite opening our homes, hearts, and wallets to your citizens on 9/11, was completely ignored when GWB made his speech thanking America's "friends" all over the world? Answer: The Canadians.
Whose loggers and economy is suffering due to America's greed and ownership of the soft-wood market? Answer: The Canadians. Whose people cried along with you and sang the Star Spangled Banner with gusto when your country was attacked? Answer: The Canadians.
Whose troops were sent to Afghanistan to support your War on Terror? Answer: The Canadians. Whose troops were killed and maimed by "friendly fire" when American pilots disregarded the rules of engagement? Answer: The Canadians. Whose government is expected to toe the line of Washington despite the fact that we are a sovereign country with our own political will? Answer: The Canadians.
What country's proposal for peace in Iraq was totally disregarded by America because it gave Saddam two weeks longer to disarm? Answer: The Canadians.
And last, but not least, whose country is being insulted and persecuted by Americans like yourself because one or two of our politicians have made derogatory remarks? Answer: The Canadians. Mr. Flaker, it is time to stop living in your own world. You seem to think that because your military is stronger than ours, that we owe you our undying gratitude.
You want nice words, yet we are treated like an annoying little brother by your administration. If Americans were to stop thinking of Canadians as American-wannabe's, and treat us as a separate country with separate people and separate issues and agendas, instead of insisting that we agree with every American principal, you might see that we are not anti-American, we are just pro-Canadian.
Unless you were planning to visit Carolyn Parrish on your visit to Canada, why not come up for a holiday? I guarantee we'll treat you as we would like to be treated; with respect.
Debbie Burton

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