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New Music From Shania And Sum41

Posted on Wednesday, November 27 at 15:01 by canadaka

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Shania Twain's new CD is out! Shania's Canadian fans are tops! More than 150,000 of you picked up Shania's new CD "UP!" propelling the disc to the #1 slot on the Canadian Soundscan charts! Look for Shania who graces the current issues of Redbook Country Music Today magazine and is featured in FHM (UK)'s January issue! Also, look for Shania on the Cover of Rolling Stone in January! I added 2 new wallpapers to the Shania Picture Gallery

Sum 41 just came out with a new CD aswell "Does This Look Infected?". Sum 41's been naughty or at least The Manitoba Film Classification Board thinks so. Sum 41, Ajax's hometown boys' DVD that accompanies their latest CD was slapped with a XXX rating. Apparently the rating is due to some footage on the DVD of bums and boobies.

Perhaps one of Canada's hardest working bands, The Headstones ARE Canadian Rock'n'Roll. Check out their latest single REFRAMED off their latest CD "The Oracle Of Hi-Fi".

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