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Sum 41 Kicked Out Of N.Y.C. Bar With Avril Lavigne

Posted on Sunday, November 10 at 00:10 by canadaka

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"After the CBGB's show we all went to a bar in NYC called Lit where of course, craziness ensued," wrote drummer/vocalist Steve O on the Sum 41 website. "After downing about five shots of Jagermeister and Tequila, [vocalist/guitarist] Deryck [Whibley], now extremely drunk, pulls his pants down (Why? To piss on the wall?), and seeing the opportunity, Avril Lavigne (news), who was also at the bar, jumps up and tries to pull down his boxers as well, leaving Deryck half-naked and too drunk to do anything about it."

Steve O continued, "To prevent this from happening, I saw the opportunity and grabbed Avril's underpants, lifting her up off the ground, delivering the best wedgie of my career, in front of in front of everyone at the bar. Afterwards Deryck goes to the bathroom, gets locked in, can't get out, and after 20 minutes of confusion starts to tear the wood paneling off of the door and destroying anything else he can get his hands onto. After FINALLY finding the LOCK on the door, he gets out of the bathroom, spits in the face of some innocent onlooker and is immediately ejected, along with everyone else, from Lit. Luckily, he got thrown into a cab before anyone (especially me) got to see first hand what the inside of their own a--hole looks like--courtesy of the half dozen would-be tough guys, now in front of the bar. In any case, shortly thereafter we were all sound asleep in our beds--not knowing what kind of hangover was awaiting us the next morning."

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