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WCW's Raw Is War ?

Posted on Saturday, June 23 at 18:49 by biden

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After the World Wrestling Federation Entertainment (WWFE) purchased World Championship Wrestling (WCW) there was hundreds of reports of what WWFE would do with WCW. Will WCW run its own seprate promotion, will WWF and WCW join together, or will WCW just ceased to exist?

Well after Shane McMahoan "purchased" WCW it was decided that WCW would be a seprate company. Shane McMahoan doesnt own WCW, WWFE owns WCW so Shane owns part of WCW but will run WCW for the company.

WWFE has been tryin to get WCW a television show on The National Network (TNN) however TNN only would give WWFE a 11pm est time slot on saturday nights. WWFE is unhappy with how TNN, has been failing to give the WWFE a better time slot. The major rumour right now is to have WCW broadcast a live show on Monday nights at 9 pm est.

Where would the WWF go? The WWFE will make Smackdown a live show Thursdays on UPN. The reason why WWFE might do this is because wrestlings popularity is slipin with ratings in the 3.2 to 4.0 range. 2 years ago the ratings were in the 6.0 to 7.2 range.

When will all of this take place? Well it will start tommorow at the WWF's pay-per-view King of the Ring. Expect more WCW stars interfering Sunday night and on Raw is war and Smackdown in the coming weeks, all leading to the July pay-per-view WWF Invasion.

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