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Why Do We Hate Americans When We Are Not Quite So Perfect Ourselves

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Think about on the world table we're the little kid with one hell of a big mouth. We depend on the U.S.A. whether or not we want to admit it. On top of that we have not right to bitch about how bad the U.S.A. is run (for those of you who have been living in a cave for the last 10 years) we're run by Jean Cretien. The man is an embarassment to Canada. He's turning this country more and more from a democracy into a dictatorship. Not to mention our once proud doller has become the Canadian Peso. Our Priminister is a Lying, Cheating, Crook!. On top of all that i was disgusted by his little speech on how it was the U.S.A.'s fault that terrorists hijacked their planes and flew tem into the WTCs and the Pentagon. Completely denying that we had the slightest thing to with it even though we let pretty much everyone through our borders(including terrorists who like to hijack and crash planes). So please think about it just a bit before you start putting down Americans because we are not without flaw ouselves.

Note: This is a personal view of a visitor to the site, but in our country and this site alike a person is entitled to there own point of view.

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