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From: go_leafs187
Author: Unknown
Added: March 22, 2007
Modified: March 22, 2007
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funny shit:


[B]There are there hockey fans sitting in iraq drinking beer theres an ottawa fan montreal fan and toronto fan so damn insane comes and throws the fans in jail and says u r going to be wipped 10 times and he says u can have one wish the montreal fan says i wish for a pillow on my back but it only last for 3 wipps and he crys and runs off the ottawa fan wishes for two pillows on his back but it only lasts for 6 wipps and he crys and falls down and so damn insane says oh a toronto fan i love your team the fans r so supportive of there team u may have two wishes. hes hammerd from drinking and he say i wish for 1000 wipps then so damn insane ur a very brave man and your second. the toronto fan says tie the ottawa fan to my back

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Posted By:
You might want to work on your grammar.
Posted By:
yup, thats a leaf fans spelling and grammar for ya :D
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