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- Oilers Beat -
Category: Canadian Jokes/Sports Jokes

From: Philomena Watson
Author: Unknown
Added: December 13, 2005
Modified: December 13, 2005
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Oilers Beat:

there once lived a boy and hiis parents always beat him up so social services came and took the boy and was trying to find a place for him to go so they asked the boy if he would like to go live with hs grandparents and he said no cuz hes always getting beating up by them so they asked him what about one of his cousins and he said no they always beat me up so they thought and thought and finally the man came up to the boy and said why dont you go and stay with the edmonton oilers and the boy smiled and said excelent idea instead f me always getting beat we will all get beat!!!

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Posted By:
was that submitted by a 4 year old?
Posted By:
Sorry but that was hard to understand, But from what I got it was ok!
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