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Largest Coin

Category:Political & Social
Type:guinness record
Date: 5, 2007
Record Holder:Royal Canadian Mint
Tags:Canadian, Royal, Mint, Largest, Coin, 220, pounds, 100, kilos, kilogram

One of the chief complaints you will hear from people in Canada is how much change they have to lug around, from pennies through twonies. However, if you had to lug this coin around, even if it was a pain for your back it'd be gold for your bank account -- literally.

In late April and eary May of 2007, the Royal Canadian Mint released a 220 pound (or 100 kilograms) behemoth which was 99.999% 1 oz pure gold. This coin is larger than what you would see come stock on most vehicles at the time.

This chunk of change broke Canada into the Guiness World Record books in October of the same year.

So you may ask, just how much is this coin worth? A whopping million at the time, in Canadian dollars. No wonder that only five people have come forward to buy one of these already limited addition coins.


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