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The following page is borrowed from the website Great Canadian Structures . The site also has structures from different countries around the world, check it out for more info!

Structure:   CN Tower.

Location:    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Fame:         World's Tallest Building* and Free-Standing Structure.
                     *The "World's Tallest Building" designation was added in 1996.
CN Tower image
See Google MapCN Tower Statistics:
  • Owner: TrizecHahn Corporation.
  • Height: 1,815' 5" or 553.33m.
  • Construction time: 40 months.
  • Total weight: 130,000 tons (23,214 large elephants).
  • Volume of concrete: 53,000 cubic yards (40,523.8m3).
  • Public opening: June 26, 1976.
  • Official opening: October 1, 1976.
  • Visitors per year: Approximately 1.7 million.
  GPS coordinates: N43.641922,W-79.387668

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Structure:   First Canadian Place.

Location:    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Fame:        Canada's Tallest Office Tower.
First Canadian Place image See Google MapFirst Canadian Place Statistics:
  • Height: 72 stories, 952 feet.
  • Rank: This building used to be the 12th tallest in the world, until 1996.
  • Occupants: 8000 people daily.
  • Floor space: approximately 2.3 million sq. ft.
  • Construction completed: 1975. 
  • The tallest building in the Commonwealth.
  • The blue sign on the building is one of the highest signs in the world.
GPS coordinates: N43.648006,W-79.381970

(Photo and text courtesy of: Michael Binetti)

Structure:   SkyDome.

Location:    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Fame:         World's largest rectractable-roof stadium.
SkyDome Image See Google MapSkyDome Statistics:
  • Height: 310ft. 
  • Volume: 56.5 million ft3
  • SkyDome has the world's first fully retractable roof.
  • It takes 20 minutes for the roof to fully open or close.
  • SkyDome's field can hold the equivalent of 516 African elephants, 8 Boeing 747s, or the Roman Colosseum.
  • SkyDome's playing field area is covered with 106 rolls of Astroturf, which is held together with 12.8km of zippers.
GPS coordinates: N43.641504,W-79.389127

(Photo courtesy of: Ballparks)

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Structure:   West Edmonton Mall.

Location:    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Fame:        World's largest shopping and entertainment complex.
WEM Aerial Photograph
WEM Aerial Photograph
See Google MapWest Edmonton Mall Statistics:
  • Total Area: 49 hectares (121 acres), equivalent to 104 Canadian (115 American) football fields, or 5,300,000ft2
  • Total Construction Cost: CDN$1,200,000,000.00.
  • Light Fixtures: 325,000.
  • Entrances: 58.
  • Stores: Over 800.
  • Employment Opportunities: 23,500.
  • Parking: Over 20,000 vehicles, World's largest.
  • Indoor Lake: World's largest.
  • Indoor Wave Pool: 2 hectares (5 acres); World's largest.
  • Indoor Amusement Park: 37,160m2 (400,000ft2); World's Largest.
  • Bungy Jumping: World's only indoor location (inside the water park).
  • Hotel: 354 rooms, 118 of which are "themed".
  • Annual Visitors: 20,000,000.
  • Restaurants: 110.
  • Movie Theatres: 19.
GPS coordinates: N53.522236,W-113.622859

Where can I find more W.E.M. information?
(Aerial photos courtesy of: Warren Berg.  Statistics courtesy of: WEM Tourism)

Structure:   Confederation Bridge.

Location:    Prince Edward Island/New Brunswick, Canada.
Fame:        One of the longest continuous multi-span marine bridges in the world.
Confederation Bridge See Google MapConfederation Bridge Home Page    Bridge Cross-sectionSee Google MapBridge Cross-section
 GPS coordinates: N46.166439,W-63.804817, N46.249008,W-63.705168

Confederation Bridge Statistics:
  • Design life: 100 years. 
  • Basic structure: shore to shore bridge; no causeway component. 
  • Structural materials: reinforced, post-tensioned concrete structure. 
  • Length: 12.9km, crossing the Strait at its narrowest point. 
  • Width: 11m from guardrail to guardrail, including one lane and one emergency shoulder in each direction. 
  • Typical elevation: 40m off the water. 
  • Typical clearance: 28m off the water x 220m wide. 
  • Navigational span elevation: 60m off the water. 
  • Depth of strait: up to 35m. 
  • Main bridge footings: gravity foundation on bedrock. 
  • Main bridge piers: octagonal hollow shafts. 
  • Main bridge girders: precast concrete box girders ranging from 4.5m to 14m deep. 
  • Main bridge spans: 44 spans, 11,000m total; 250m/typical span. 
  • PEI approach bridge: 7 spans, 580m in total. 
  • NB approach bridge: 14 spans, 1300m in total. 

Structure:   TD Tower.

Location:    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Fame:          "Canada's Most Beautiful Office Building".
TD Tower image See Google MapTD Tower Statistics:
  • Third tallest building in Toronto. 
  • Height: 51 stories, 863 feet. 
  • Part of BCE Place, which won an award for the most beautiful office building in Canada.
  • Designed by: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.
  • TD Tower was designed with so many stepbacks as the result of a survey that asked employees what they wanted most in an office.  Most said they wanted large windows and corner suites.  The stepbacks yield as many as 16 corner offices on some floors.
GPS coordinates: N43.646118,W-79.378859

(Photo and text courtesy of: Michael Binetti)

Structure:   Hibernia Drilling Platform.

Location:    Offshore Newfoundland (Jeanne d'Arc Basin), Canada.
Fame:        Canada's Largest Offshore Drilling Project.
Hibernia Offshore Platform image Hibernia Platform Statistics:

(Photo courtesy of: Offshore Technology: The Website for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry.)

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