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CBC Television is Canada's national public broadcaster, providing Canadians with news and current affairs programming, comedy, drama, performance and arts programs, sports, children's programs and high-impact specials that speak to the unique experiences of our nation and its people.

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2007 Vimy Ridge Ceremony

Easter Monday 2007--the dedication of the newly restored Canadian National Vimy Memorial Canadian sculptor Walter Allward built the magnificent tribute at Vimy Ridge i

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Arctic Meltdown: A Changing World

How Arctic nations are racing to claim control over the Arctic's resources and shipping routes.

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Arctic Meltdown: Adapting to Change

Tracks two different Arctics - one that is the storybook land of ice, snow and polar bears and the other that is covered with petroleum plants and pipelines carrying foss

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Arctic Meltdown: The Arctic Passage

Explores the Northwest Passage and how these dangerous waters are suddenly becoming accessible to businesses and shipping.

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Arctic sovereignty surveillance cancelled

The Canadian air force has cancelled its surveillance flights in the North for the next several months even though Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said protecting Canad

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CBC Archives: Buster Keaton on Telescope, 1964

1964 - Silent movie icon Buster Keaton looks back on his films and what happened to Hollywood's golden age of comedy. This CBC-TV clip from "Telescope" sees Keaton near t

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CBC Archives: Elizabeth May 1978

1978 - How does a girl from Cape Breton become enemy # 1 of the Nova Scotia forest industry? In this CBC-TV clip from "the fifth estate," 23-year-old Elizabeth May shows

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CBC Archives: Experience JImi Hendrix, 1969

1969 - The rock icon is suitably casual as he reflects on the musical mood of the day. CBC-TV's "Through The Eyes of Tomorrow" catches Hendrix before the release of "Elec

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CBC Archives: Fuddle Duddle 1971

Ottawa, 1971 - In this CBC-TV clip, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau comes under fire for allegedly mouthing a two-word obscenity, which he asserts is nothing more than "fud

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CBC Archives: Mordecai Richler Rebukes Canada, 1961

1961 - Canadian novelist Mordecai Richler is living in London, England as he delivers a harsh criticism of his homeland, which he says "lacks excitement or direction." In

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Tax cut for Canadians

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The Great War Experience

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The National :Northwest Passage

A montage from CBC's The National featuring 'Northwest Passage'

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