CKA Mascot Olympic Competition

I thought I would run a competition!!
I will probably start having a competition of some kind every month. This competition envolves Laef, the CKA mascot and the olympics! The competition is to create pictures using Mascot Laef in an olympics theme. So anything related to the olypmics put Laef into different situations.

This is a photoshop style competition, the winner will be scored on wuality, but that doens't mean people that don't know shit about photoshop graphcis, or have no art skillz can't enter! Still will be fun for all and funny. Extra points if the scene is funny.

You can use any CKA graphic on hte site, the Mascot Laef is around the site in various places. I aslo have lined a transparent gif of the 2D Laef and a photoshop layered.psd of the 3D laef.

You score extra points if you draw your own Laef though, and by doing this can better fit him into the scene. If you are a 3D artist you can contact me and I can give you the 3D Maya files for Laef if you want to get really fancy!

Here are the 2 versions:]cka-mascot01.gif

I will be giving out awards like, most funny, best "MS Paint entry" stuff like that to make it fun. The Winner will get there choice of any T-Shirt from the New CKA Canadian Clothing Shop!!

Commented Pics

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