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I saw the Edmonton premiere of Casino Royale tonight and hereís my thoughts on it. It wasnít bad, but it wasnít great either. Hollywood has a tendency of late to make gritty movies to revive franchises (Batman Begins for example), but I canít see it succeeding with this one.

Most of the reviews Iíve read talk about how gritty and realistic it is. Iíll agree that it is gritty and even a bit dark, but it gets this way by ripping off plenty of other movies. The opening foot chase reminded me of Jackie Chan, not James Bond. Gone are all the cool gadgets, the car with missiles, and the megalomaniac hiding in a secret base with plans of world domination. To top it off, Bond doesnít even Ďgetí the girl(s) in this installment. Honestly, if it wasnít for his accent, I might have thought I was watching Matt Damon in ďThe Bourne SupremacyĒ. Not that that movie wasnít good, but itís not ĎBondí.

My other complaint was that there was far too much poker played in the game. At times, it felt like I was watching a tournament on TV, not a Bond movie. In other movies the gambling is a backdrop and lasts for a minute or two. In this film it is the focus of most of the 2nd act of the movie. The third act drags and unlike other Bond films is generally anti-climactic.

On the positive side, Daniel Craig pulls off the role with his smooth acting and nonchalant ways. He was great in Layer Cake (great British gangster movie BTW) and he shows the world he can act with this film.

Essentially, as far as Iím concerned, this was a ĎBondí movie without James Bond. If youíre interested in an Ďanti-Bondí movie, then go see this, otherwise, wait for it on DVD.


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Added: November 17th 2006
Reviewer bootlegga
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  1. Posted by kitty
    2007-01-07 08:06:06
    my score:

    The movie was great!

    Was it the best movie ever? no ... but i am tempted to say the best Bond ever. The story was far more ''real'', dark and gritty and that''s what i liked best about it. The opening chase scene was incredible. i am not one who generally comments on the male form but Daniel Craig is so buff and beautiful that upon seeing him straped naked to a chair my jaw dropped.... Hell that alone was worth the price of admission.

  2. Posted by RUEZ
    2006-12-19 06:53:28
    my score:
    I just watched Casino Royale, and I thought it was very good. I wasn''t expecting to like it as I grew up with the Sean Connery and Roger Moore, James Bonds. Daniel Craig did an excellent job, much better than Pierce Brosnan. The movie definately seemed grittier and more violent than the previous Brosnan Bond movies. I think my only complaint was the lack of any cool Bond gadgets, but that didn''t take anything away from the movie. It''s worth watching.
  3. Posted by Canadaka
    2006-12-16 15:07:05
    my score:
    this movie was awsome, really enjoyed it. My favorite part is the first action season at the start in the contruction site. That african dude can do some crazy jumping/climbing.
  4. Posted by Wannabe
    2006-12-08 04:34:54
    my score:
    I quite enjoyed this installment! While it is a noticeable departure from the identifiable traits of many previous films within the series as Bootlegga mentioned, it has a much deeper psychological edge to it (something that is usually sorely lacking in the franchise). It''s worth noting that many cinematic heroes have undergone a myth-explanation as of late (Batman, Spider Man, Superman, hell even Willie Wonka) and if you enjoy discovering how these characters have developed with the lid taken off their seemingly innocuous existences that are left at face-value, then you''ll proabably enjoy this exposť on the beginnings of 007''s adventures. Without giving too much away, one can really begin to understand Bond''s behaviour as it relates to his sense of duty and, perhaps more revealing, his attitude towards women. Might I also say that the lovely brunette actress who plays Vesper Lind, Bond''s main romantic interest, is quite possibly the most stunning beauty ever featured in the series. Of course, that''s purely subjective. I''m in agreement with Bootlegga on the movie''s major flaw; the gratuitous Texas Hold `Em Poker. While it''s central to a subplot within the film, it does become quite excessive and slows the pace down considerably. The pace of the film is manic-depressive; the action sequences are marvellous and extraordinarily creative in addition to being extensive yet are interspersed with screeching halt aftermaths (most notably with regards to the poker tournament). I highly recommend seing this film in the theater while it is still showing, if only for the action sequences alone. I understand Bootlegga''s dissapointment at the divergence of formula that one normally expects from a Bond flick, but I found the change welcome and would suggest that every Bond fan, no matter how enthusiastic, should see this one ASAP. It stands quite well as a movie on it''s own yet adds a tremendous dimension to the understanding of the James Bond character. Mr. Craig did a fantastic job!
  5. Posted by CanadianLynx
    2006-12-03 16:58:52
    my score:
    Only thing that saddens me about this movie is that "M" is the only returning cast member.
    This may change in the next Bond movie "Bond 22" working title that is due out Nov/2008

    Link for the next movie
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