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- fisherman and the mermaid -
Category: Canadian Jokes

From: spikedriver
Author: Unknown
Added: June 06, 2005
Modified: June 06, 2005
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fisherman and the mermaid:

One day a fisherman burst into his friend's home in a panic on his way home from a sea-fishing trip.
"Jack, what in God's name has happened to you?" asked the man's buddy. "Your body has grown huge and your head has shrunk to half its normal size!"

"It's terrible" replied the fisherman "While I was out fishing, I found a mermaid stuck in my net, and when I let her go free, she said she would grant me two wishes before disappearing back into the sea. For my first wish I asked her to give me a muscular body and, as you can see, she did it.

Then, for my second wish I asked her if I could have sex with her. She wasn't too happy about that wish though, and said that anyway, she could not fulfill my wish because, as everyone knows, mermaids have no legs and do not have the kind of reproductive system that human women have. So, then I said, 'Well, how about a little head?'"

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