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- American Civilization -
Category: Canadian Jokes/Canada vs USA Jokes

From: dennis_is_canadian
Author: Unknown
Added: April 20, 2005
Modified: April 20, 2005
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American Civilization:

A joke about Americans.

It is said that a American Journalist once asked Mohandas Ghandi a question . The American jouranlist asked Ghandi, (What is your opinion of American civilization)?

Ghandi smiled and replied to the American journalist, ( I think it would be an excellent idea).

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Posted By:
true one & a good one
Posted By:
Too bad he was asked "Western Civilization"......not American. So therefore, not true.
Posted By:
they never claimed it was true, yur just very picky ive noticed, so therefore, shut up.
Posted By:
Posted By:
Shut the fuck up 1776.
Posted By:
Too bad America still isn't civilized. Too bad I have to live in America. :(
Posted By:
Ha. too bad no one asked ghandi if he could find canada on a map!
Posted By:
Umm...I don't see what the problem would be there, 51state. Can't you find it? It's the big one right above the US. :D
Posted By:
gNuh if you hate living in America so much than get the fuck out bitch. Thats a pretty good joke lol dont take it so seriously guys its just humor and it'd work for any country. Ofc its not true because its only a joke where you can put different countries' names in where it says America.
Posted By:
Yeah relax, and 51state. Did you know most American's can't find Canada on a map? Some people think that's a insult towards Canada, saying we aren't important enough but reality is, that's just sad they can't find a country right above them lol.
Posted By:
sry man. but its pretty bad joke =D
Posted By:
I love lame jokes XD, its pretty good
Just to let most americans know, Canada up there, if any of them dont know :P
Posted By:
i second mr canada
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