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- Blonde at a car repair shop. -
Category: Other Jokes/Blonde Jokes

From: Arctic_Menace
Author: Unknown
Added: April 17, 2005
Modified: April 17, 2005
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Blonde at a car repair shop.:


There was this blonde driving home when a hail storm starts up. The car is badly dented so she takes it in to a shop. The repair man, upon seeing that she is a blonde, decides to have some fun with her. He says: "Yeah, just blow into the tailpipe really hard and all the dents will come out." So the blonde goes home and proceeds to blow really hard into the tailpipe. Her blonde roommate come home and asks: "What are you doing???" The other blonde replies: "I'm getting rid of the dents." Her roommate says: "Well duh! You have to roll up the windows first!"

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