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- back alley -
Category: Other Jokes/Sex Jokes

From: phil
Author: Unknown
Added: April 06, 2005
Modified: April 06, 2005
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back alley:


okay theres this couple and theve been dating for about 3 years
but they were both virgins coz they didnt believe in sex b4 marriage.
they decided to get married and right after the ceremony they sneak
out into a back alley. the girl grabs onto a fence and pulls up her dress
and the guy makes love vigourously for 30 mins they go at it until they
sit down exhausted and see the best man has been watching them
the whole time.
the best man says: i didnt reallise two people could make love
so hard
and the girl replied: and we didnt know the fence was electric

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Posted By:
The lack of grammar, capatalization and spelling and the replacement of parts of words with numbers kinda killed the joke for me.
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