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- Quebec\'s Bubble -
Category: Canadian Jokes/Regional Jokes

From: hamm_y
Author: Unknown
Added: April 03, 2005
Modified: April 03, 2005
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Quebec\'s Bubble:

A guy from Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec are stuck in the desert...

So a guy from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec are all stranded in the desert. Miraculously they stumble upon a magical lamp and a genie appears from it. He explains to the three of them that he will send them all back home on the condition that they each make one wish first. The guy from Saskatchewan agrees to go first. He explains to the genie about how the lack of rain is making the soil unfertile in his province, and with that he is sent back to his home to find the most fertile soil he could ever imagine.

Then the guy from Quebec steps up. He tells the genie that Quebec is loosing it's heritage and unique culture. He says that he wants a bubble put over the entire province so that no one can get in, and no one can get out. In a flash, he is sent back to his home in Quebec and sees that there is in fact a large bubble covering the entire province.

The last of the three, the Albertan, is standing there laughing. The genie looks at him and asks what is so funny.

Still laughing, the Albertan looks up and says, "you know that bubble you just put over Quebec... fill it with water."

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Quebec sucks!
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that was stupid
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lol, xD
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A) stop making these jobs, too much re-writing of the same joke.

B) If there was a bubble, they would all die from lack of air anyways.
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