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- Farm Fugitives in Lanark County -
Category: Canadian Jokes/Political Jokes

From: Old_Fart
Author: Unknown
Added: October 19, 2010
Modified: October 19, 2010
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Farm Fugitives in Lanark County:

Could of Happened during a Federal Election

During the election in 2011, a Conservative, a Liberal and a N-D-P-er were being chased by Farmer Hymie Butt with a shotgun. After 10 minutes of running in Lanark County, they spotted a barn and ran inside.
Once inside they each hid in a old sack against the barn wall.
Hymie went into the barn but did not see where they went, he was about to turn back when he saw three suspicious looking sacks.
He walked forward and prodded the first sack with his gun.
The N-D-P-er inside said... ''Meow'.'
"Just cats," he thought.
Hymie then prodded the second sack.
The Liberal, hearing how the N-D-P-er got off said... ''Woof'.'
"Just dogs," he thought.
As he walked towards the last sack, the Conservative worked out what he was going to say.
As soon as Farmer Butt prodded his sack he said... ''Potatoes!''

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