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From: Old_Fart
Author: Unknown
Added: October 19, 2010
Modified: October 19, 2010
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Methane From Cows, Bulls & Conservative Party of Canada??

Though cows may be the main producers of methane, the elected Conservative Party members probably come a close second.
All the farting walls in the world couldn't absorb the flatulence each elected Conservative member produces in a year.
They will spend Canadian tax dollars faster than we Canadians can hand it to them.
Break election promices like incometrust, sending non-elected Canadians to the Senate, even made one a minister of the Crown, promices of fixed election date then broke it, gave British Columbia and Ontario 5 billion dollars [PLUS] to give those people in those provinces a higher taxes & on Canada Day in 2009 made the military to give a honour guard to Harper two hours before the GG appeared. And remember no deficits during the last election.
It's the naturally smelly part of the Conservative members existence-get used to it or forever hold your nose.
If you love the H.S.T.
Vote for your
during the next election.

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