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- Take Over Canada? -
Category: Canadian Jokes/Canada vs USA Jokes

From: canadaforlife12
Author: Unknown
Added: July 16, 2009
Modified: July 16, 2009
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Take Over Canada?:

an attempt to take over canada.

One Summer day in the white house, Goerge Bush decided to shake things up a bit.He decided to try to take over a country.Using his favourite method of choosing what country to invade, he spun a globe and stopped it with his finger and the finger landed on Canada!

The next day, Bush got his entire Army,Navy,and Air Force and they went full speed for Canada.Much to their surprise,when they arrived, there was nobody in sight!Goerge being the "gifted mind"that he is, put the pieces together and decided that the Canadians gave up and ran.The Americans celebrated over their victory and burnt everything in Canada and went back home.

When Goerge got home, he said to himself,"Man, I really like this invading stuff."He then held a conference with the officials in the U.S Army and said " "Y'know who we really should take over?Are those guys right above us!Those bastards are keepin' us away from Alaska!And we don't have to go over seas this time!"

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