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- Canada`s Conservatives Introduces The Social Insurance Credit Card -
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From: Old_Fart
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Added: May 22, 2008
Modified: May 22, 2008
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Canada`s Conservatives Introduces The Social Insurance Credit Card :

Conservative Party Of Canada Helps Themselves

Canada Introduces The Social Insurance Credit Card

The Conservative Party of Canada`s Government Is Taking All The Credit


OTTAWA-- Millions of Canadians struggle with credit card debt. But it's not their fault. Credit card companies lure and entice consumers with travel points, rewards miles, and other spending incentives. The credit problem is serious enough that it threatens the stability of the Canadian economy.
So, in an effort to stabilize consumer over-spending, the Canadian government has come up with a plan to deal with the mounting credit problems that its citizens face. The Conservative Government concluded, that if Canadians are going to continue to pay excessive monthly finance charges for things like Gas and Food, and owe all that money anyway, the revenue (and the interest) might as well go to them.

That's why the federal Conservative government has introduced the Social Insurance Credit Card, a national solution to the financial problem of credit card debt.

It's already difficult enough for the government to find new ways to generate revenue. Nobody wants taxes to be raised, nor does anyone want to lose valuable hard-fought social programs. Thoughtless slash-and-cut budget reductions aren't going to win the Liberals any votes from thier time in power. The 2008 issues about Conservative Party of Canada lowering Canadian the deficit and the debt continue to plague the current finance minister in 2008, and questionable ( IN and OUT ) practices of the Conservative Party of Canada, such as the use of Employment Insurance surplus monies as general tax revenues to refill the Conservative Party of Canada funds to the tune of $700,000.oo (PLUS), but lowering the confidence that Canadians have in their elected administration.
But with the new Social Insurance Credit Card (SICC), which will replace the existing Social Insurance Number (SIN), the government can take over the lucrative credit business, while at the same time, automatically calculate income tax, GST, and finance other source deductions such as EI and CPP. The process will streamline revenue collection, effectively cutting out the middle-man (men), and enabling them to funnel funds directly into the national coffers.

Social Insurance Credit Cards will be issued to every Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or immigrant with revenue-earning potential. An initial 'set-up' fee will help cover the administration of processing new Canadians, and the size of that fee could possibly help accelerate immigration applications and refugee claims.

'Just think of it as a membership fee,' said one Conservative Party member.`'You'll remain a Canadian as long as you pay the minimum monthly payment.'

The Receiver General's office is thrilled with the idea of a unified national credit system.

'We've already got a collection department,' said Canada's Lieutenant-Governor Receiver. 'And we can easily integrate SICC payments as payroll deductions. Debit machines will be linked to a government database, and when we facilitate direct deposit transactions from employers, we'll be able to control the whole spending cycle. Hell, we could instantly send tax refunds into Canadians' accounts, although we don't want to be too hasty.'

Most credit cards have a maximum interest rate of 29.8% annually, but for the SICC, the interest rate will hover around 49%, because Canadians are already used to being raped by their personal income tax, and expect to be hit with hidden taxes, user fees, and other nameless surcharges.

The SICC will also be used with Canada's Income Securities Programs. When a Canadian reaches the age of sixty, Canada Pension Plan credits will be applied to the Canadian's account. After appropriate transaction fees are calculated in, the monthly allowance should be just enough money to allow a senior Canadian to barely scrape by.

Hopefully, the new SICC program will help reduce the overwhelming problem of credit card debt. At the very least, federal officials believe that the program will generate enough revenue to offset the bloated salaries of consulting agency executives who were contracted for this pilot project.

And if all goes well, the Federal Canadian Conservative government will launch the exclusive Social Insurance Gold Card next year, a credit card which will screw Canadians in a new IN & OUT idea around even more, but it will make them feel better about themselves for it.

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i dunno,,, old guys that are eighty didnt have a social security code.... i think people want it and definatly need it.. if they have no finacial program,,,,,,,,,i think as long as canada is producing taxes it cannot make this view go... im concerned about old people.. because 25 percent of the people are going to be retired in the next ten years,,,, where does the political value go here... to old people that want to suckk off of social security,, this is only going to raise the price of a dollar here....
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