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- Boat Ride -
Category: Canadian Jokes/Canadian Identity Jokes

From: SEBBy
Author: Unknown
Added: December 14, 2004
Modified: December 14, 2004
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Boat Ride:

Boat Ride

There is a Cuban, Frenchman, Canadian, and a pakistani standing near a railing on a cruise ship.

The Cuban lights up a Cigar, takes one puff and throws it overboard.
Everyoen asks why. he replies, "oh we have plenty in my country"

The frenchman thinks to himself how to make himself look betetr than the Cuban and opens a very expensive bottle of champagne and takes only one sip adn throws it overboard. Everyone asks why and he replies "oh we have plenty in my country.

The Canadian thinks to himself, and grabs the pakistani throws him over board and when everyone asked why he replied "oh we have plenty in my country"

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Posted By:
i have plenty more in SURREY B.C. for the real canadian!!!!
Posted By:
Fucking racism... get you and your kind (not the irony there, but I mean all racists in general, of any ethnicity!) out of this otherwise great country
Posted By:
Posted By:
Posted By:
dude you completly went against what Canada's all about

you're so american
Posted By:
Pakistani is wrong, Put sheltered terrorist instead.
Posted By:
that is sooo terrible u are not canadian u r cut go live with G W Bush
Posted By:
some people are so racist canada doesn't need people like u
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