Jokes For: A Newfie's Wish

One day a Newfoundlander is walking in a field near his farm when he comes upon a bottle. He rubs the bottle and a genie pops out. The genie says to the young Newfoundlander, "Son, you have released me, I will grant you one wish." So, the Newfie ponders it for a few minutes, and says "I want to have a bridge that will connect us to the mainland, so that it will be easier to get back and forth to the rest of Canada." The genie replies, "No, I can't do that. It's too much change, too soon. The people aren't ready for that yet." So, the Newfie thinks about it again, and says, "I'm a proud Newfoundlander and I'm sick of everyone always putting us down and calling us stupid. I want Newfoundlanders to be as smart, if not smarter, than any other Canadian." The genie thinks about this for a minute and replies, " you want two lanes or four?"

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Joke Submitted on: October 27, 2004
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