Jokes For: 2 Newfies inToronto looking for jobs go to Employment Agency

So these 2 newfie brothers move to Toronto and they are looking for jobs.They look everywhere, always having no luck. They decide to go to an employment agency. They are in the waiting room and the receptionist tells the first newfie brother to go in and see the employment counsellor. "So", says the counsellor, "what kind of work experience do you have?" "Well", says newfie brother 1," back home,I'm a woodcutter!" all proud of himself. The counsellor looks at him funny and says, "well we don't have alot of trees to be cut in Toronto, but if anything comes up we'll keep you in mind, NEXT" "Okey Doke" says newfie brother 1, and he leaves. Newfie brother 2 then goes in to see the counsellor."What kind of job experience do YOU have?" "I",says newfie brother 2, "am a pilot"
" Oh really? We may be able to help you" says the counsellor. To which newfie brother 2 says, beaming with pride,"YES, 'bye, my brudder, he cuts the wood and me I PILE IT!"

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