Jokes For: Anoyying Patient.

One day, a patient goes to the doctors office in a hurry and looking all panicy and says 'Doctor Doctor, i've got a horrible red ring round my dick'.

The doctor is shocked at this and writes out a prescription for some pills and says 'Here's a prescription for some pills. This will clear up the horrible red ring. If it doesn't work, come back in a week'.

The patient takes the prescription and leaves.

A week later he comes back again and says 'Doctor Doctor, it didn't work'.

The doctor is surprised at this and then writes out another one and says 'Here, try these. they are stronger than the previous ones. If they don't work, come back in a week'.

The patient leaves.

This goes on for a couple more weeks with the doctor getting angrier each week until finally when the patient comes in on the fifth week and says 'Doctor Doctor it didn't work'.

The doctor then goes' Right. Pull down your trousers and pull down your boxers and let me have a look at it'.

The patient does this and the doctor takes a look.

The doctor goes 'Hmm' then stands back up and says to the patient.

'A little tip. Tell your girlfriend not to wear lipstick'.

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