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Cathy was visiting her father at the nursing home."How are you feeling?" she asks.

"Great," he answers. "I`ve been sleeping really well these past few weeks."

"Have the nurses been giving you anything to help you sleep?" Cathy asks.

"Yes. Every night they give me a glass of warm milk and a Viagara pill. I sleep through the night without waking at all."

"Why do they give you the Viagara pill?" she asks.

"I don`t know ," says her father.

Cathy is a little concerned as to why they would be giving her father Viagara. She goes to the nursing station to question the staff about the odd combination of warm milk and Viagara as a sleeping aid. The nurse on duty says,"The warm milk helps to relax him and that makes it easier for him to fall asleep."

"I understand that," says Cathjy, "but why the Viagara pill."

"Oh, thats to keep him from rolling out of bed," says the nurse.

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