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The pride of the american fleet the USS Virginia is
sailing up around the arctic ocean, around the
baffin island sorta region, when all of sudden
they have contact on there radar.
" sir theres a vessel directly infront of us,
looks like we're gonna hit"
captain looks up from his paper and reaches out for the radio.
"This is the captain of the USS Virginia.
Our radar indicates that we're on a collision course
and youd be wise to get out of the way"
In response a voice pipes in
" yeah... you know what, piss off"
The captains jaw drops " This is the
captain of the biggest and most powerful
ship in the american navy and unless you
want to be sunk Id suggest that you turn tail
and run." the captian smiles and puts down the radio.
"I dont think thats gonna happen big guy, so id say ur shit outta luck"
"this ship has fought countless battles in countless wars"
the captain snaps into the radio "we will run u down"
he sighs and says one last retort
"Ill say this again, this is the captain of the USS Virginia and youd best get the hell outta the way!"
theres silence for a minute. "well, this is the canadian light make the call."

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Joke Submitted on: February 10, 2005
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