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A Cape Bretoner named Wally was driving home after having a few at the local tavern. As he made the first turn onto Main St. he was shocked to see a tree in the middle of the road.He swerved hard to miss the tree , only to see another one directly in front of him! He just managed to miss this tree and there was yet another in his way. The road home had turned into a friggin slalom course. He continued down the road,swerving from side to side ,avoiding all the trees until the light of a police cruiser forced him to pull over. The officer walked up to Wally`s car and asked him why he was driving like an idiot. Wally started telling his story about all the trees when the cop cut him off in midsentenceand said,"For Christ`s sake Wally,thats your friggin air freshener!"

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Joke Submitted on: January 29, 2006
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