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A Kindergarten teacher tells her class she�s a BIG Leafs fan.
She�s really excited about it and asks the kids if they�re Leafs fans too.

Well, everyone wants to impress the teacher so they say they�re Leafs fans too, except ONE kid, ...named Wayne

The teacher looks at Wayne and says, "Wayne,�re NOT a Leafs fan?"

He says, "NOPE, I�m a BIG Sens fan!"
She says, "Well why are you a Sens fan and not a Leafs fan?"

Wayne says, "Well, my mom is a Sens fan, and my dad is a Sens fan, so I�m a Sens fan."

The teacher�s not real happy now.....and she�s a little hot under the collar.
She says, "Well, if your moms an idiot, and your dads a moron, then what would you be?!"

Wayne says, "Well, then I�d be a Leafs fan!!"

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Joke Submitted on: December 18, 2005
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