How to earn CKA points

You can earn points on for helping to contribute to the site. Points are awarded to tasks that help add content to the site, here is a list of the current ways you can earn points and how many.

Points will total up on your profile and others can see how many you have earned and how much you have contributed. Earn points to get recognition from other members, ger your name on the top point earner list, work to win a CKA Contributor medal and soon get discounts at the Shop with points.

Recommendation to a Friend Get points for sending the link to our site to a friend via Recommend Us Module 3
Article Submission Published News that the user sends from Submit News module and then published by the administrator 30
Article Comment Get points for commenting on any article and/or news 1
Article Rating Get points voting for any article 1
Vote in Surveys Get points for voting for any survey, actual or old ones are valid 1
Comment in Surveys Comment published for any actual or old survey 1
Review Comment Comment published for any review in the Reviews module 1
Rate to any WebLink Get Points for voting for a resource in WebLinks module 1
Comment to any WebLink Comments posted on any resource in the WebLink module 1
Rate to any Download Get points for voting for a resource in Downloads module 1
Comment to any Download Comments posted on any resource in the Downloads module 1
Click on any Banner Get points for clicking on a banner 1
Submit a Review Write a review for the CKA Reviews Section 3
Submit Content Pages Submit Content Pages 5
Submit Famous Canadian Bio Submit Famous Canadian Bio 3
Submit Famous Canadian Edit make a change or addition to an existing person 2
Submit a Joke Submit a Joke to the Canadian joke database 3
Submit a Picture Submit a picture to the CKA Galleries 2
Submit a Quote Submit a quote to the Famous Canadian Quotes Database 2
Submit a Map Submit a Canadian map with a good title and description. 3
Comment on a Map Comment on a Canadian map 1
Submit a News Link Submit a Canadian news link 1
Comment on a News Link Comment on a News Link 1


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